Verdicts And Cases


Chandler v. UOP
$15M verdict


Lowman et al., v. Mitchell Brothers, Inc.
$1.8M settlement
Housing Discrimination based on Race Discrimination. Part of the settlement in this case was set aside for funds to establish the Mobile Center for Fair Housing

Statdlander v. Warren Properties
$1.195M settlement
Housing Discrimination based on Disability

Criswell v. Mobile Housing Board
$165K settlement
Wage and Hour Law


I have been lead counsel in over 300 cases that have been filed in federal or state court in Alabama and/or Georgia. Many of these cases have been published in legal journals and in newspapers. I have represented thousands of clients in additional matters that were never filed in court. I have been lead counsel in over 130 cases filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. Almost all of these cases are in the area of labor and employment law. I have practiced law in almost every federal court in Alabama and Georgia, and have practiced criminal and civil law in areas outside of the employment area in state courts in Alabama and Georgia.

*In almost all cases there is a confidentiality clause that prohibits the disclosure of the dollar amount of the settlement.