Andrew Jones
I have been an attorney in Mobile, AL., for thirty years and I have known Daniel Hannan during that time. I know of no lawyer more capable and knowledgeable in the area of labor and employment law than Danny. In fact, I refer any case that comes to me in that field to Danny because of my confidence in his abilities.

Daniel Arciniegas, Class Action Attorney, October 12, 2017 * * * * *
Mr. Hannan fights the good fight on behalf of clients exploited by their employer. Mr. Hannan is an advocate for workers and someone I respect, and enjoy listening to and learning from. He's a nice guy and a fierce advocate.
Daniel Arciniegas

Edward Smith Employment and Labor Attorney, September 5, 2017 * * * * *
Relationship: Worked together on matter
I endorse this lawyer. I am happy to give Daniel Hannan an unqualified endorsement. I have known Danny for thirty years since we attended The University of Alabama School of Law (currently ranked as the 26th best law school in the United States by U.S.News and World Report) together. Danny was an outstanding student and has eclipsed that achievement in his practice of law. He is a diligent lawyer, a zealous advocate for his clients, an outstanding father, husband, and citizen. I could continue but suffice it to say that anyone with a legal issue would be well served to have Danny as their advocate.
Edward L. D. Smith

Louis Stein, Divorce and Separation Attorney on August 24th, 2017 * * * * *
Relationship: Worked together on this matter
I endorse this lawyer. Danny knows this subject matter really well, is easy to work with and is a professional. I recommend Danny highly professional. I recommend Danny highly


Excellent Attorney * * * * *
Posted by Jamison September 2, 2017
Mr. Hannan saved my family from bankruptcy. I lost my job, after I complained about not being paid properly. He got me my lost wages, and then some. . My family could pay my bills. I will be forever grateful. Mr. Hannan was professional, but also sympathetic and really cared about me and my case.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Daniel is an excellent lawyer * * * * *
Posted by Dana September 2, 2017
Danny is an excellent labor and employment lawyer. He is known in Alabama and Georgia and also nationally on cases in labor and employment law. Danny is well known professionally and respected by his peers, colleagues, and clients. I would strongly recommend Daniel A. Hannan.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Superior Representation * * * * *
Posted by Marcia September 1, 2017
Daniel Hannan has represented my family in business and myself as an individual on numerous occasions and for a variety of cases. Mr. Hannan's integrity is impeccable and he has always achieved the results that were sought. His reputation is evident in how well he is well respected in the community. While he specializes in Labor and Employment law, he consistently garners success in his cases with expertise legal representation in other areas, as well. An excellent listener and communicator, prompt in returning calls and thorough in his work, Daniel Hannan always exceeds my expectations, every time.

Grateful Client * * * * *
Posted by Kendall August 29, 2017
I have known Daniel Hannan for many years and he has represented me in several matters to my complete satisfaction. Mr. Hannan is an excellent Labor and Employment lawyer and has practiced in the field of Employment Law for almost thirty years. He brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and determination to all of his cases. He listens and he promptly returned all of my calls. He has an excellent reputation in the community and I highly recommend him as an attorney.
Hired attorney

Contract change order dispute * * * * *
Posted by Perry August 23, 2017
"Having lost payroll wages and time in a contract dispute between myself as a sub and the general contractor, I had the change orders signed by contractor but not by owner of property. Daniel Hannan helped me recover all change orders and helped me keep from losing future work with contractor due to outcome of dispute"
Hired attorney

Excellent Attorney * * * * *
Posted by anonymous August 23, 2017
I hired Daniel Hannan to represent my ex-son-in-law with an arrest. He was able to get the charges dropped completely. Mr. Hannan is very responsive and let us know what was going on every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Hannan as an attorney.
Hired attorney

Years of Good Advice * * * * *
Posted by anonymous August 19, 2017
I have a small local practice, dealing with helping people learn how to avoid and live with pain. The overwhelming majority of my clients are highly satisfied with my work, but over the past ten years, Mr. Hannan has provided invaluable assistance with the very few who have not been, and who have pursued, or threatened, legal action.
He has been able to provide sound advice to reduce my exposure to claims, and when necessary, dealt directly with these problems, or potential problems. He has kept me out of court and trouble over these ten years.
I can't express in words my gratitude to him for keeping me out of the kind of trouble some of my peers have experienced. And at a reasonable price!! I am very happy with Mr. Hannan's work and recommend him to all my friends, in and out of my field.
Hired attorney

Best Lawyer Ever * * * * *
Posted by Cliff
October 20, 2013
I highly recommend Daniel A. Hannan as an attorney. I had legal issues with my employer and Mr. Hannan was able to quickly and efficiently resolve my problems. Mr. Hannan took my case when no other lawyer would help me. He resolved the case in such a way that I was able to stay on good terms with my employer. Mr. Hannan was understanding and he always promptly returned my calls. I give him the highest recommendation I can give to anyone.

My Lawyer – Daniel Hannan * * * * *
Posted by Darryl October 16, 2013
I highly recommend Mr.Hannan. He represented me against a national long-term disability claim and against my company. I had issues with my long-term disability about a year ago. The LTD representative was heartless and uncaring that the truth is: I am totally disabled. He found a small loophole to be able to deny my benefits. He immediately stopped my payments and it was up to me to prove differently. The cost of a lawyer would be my expense whether I won or lost. It was hard to find an attorney willing to go up against this company, all the while having no payments being made to me. Daniel Hannan was recommended to me and Mr. Hannan immediately presented my case and won. Please note that I not only lost my LTD payments, but had lost my health insurance and retirement. From the point that I hired Mr. Hannan, I did not ever have to communicate with the LTD Representative again. My physical condition legally qualifies for permanent disability then, and still does. I do not know what I would have done without Mr. Hannan representing me and winning my case.
Hired attorney

Mr. Hannan is a great lawyer * * * * *
Posted by anonymous October 16, 2013
Mr. Hannan gave me legal advice regarding my employment situation and handled it to my utmost satisfaction. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a great lawyer.

Best Lawyer Ever * * * * *
Posted by Peyton Cole February 2, 2016
Daniel Hannan is finally a lawyer who cares. Mr.Hannan is a nationally recognized and statewide known lawyer who takes time out to help the little guy. He took my case and it was a tough one, and he won it all the way around. His fee was more than reasonable. I recommend him highly.
Hired attorney